Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Out of the Doldrums....Day 4--Visiting Birds

 A sparrow peeking at a female downy woodpecker
An odd looking sparrow...along with two friends....nuthatches. 
 female cardinal
 Mark captured this cardinal...I sent him out to "catch" a male cardinal..I needed a splash of color.
 A downy woodpecker....if he would turn to show the red on the back of his head..you could tell he is a male.
 After a month of March with the temperatures well above normal.  And after my husband draining the snowblower of gas and getting it ready to put away for summer. And after filling up the lawn mower and sharpening the blades....we received over a foot of snow between Sunday and Monday. 
 So the doldrums ran deep.  I had no idea want photo could lift my spirits.  It was Laura who said, "Get you camera and take some photos of the birds"  That suggestion was all it took...I did manage to get carried away to a happier place...our "birdie backyard!" 
 Luke took it upon himself to construct this bird feeder using a plastic cup, sharp pencil, yarn, duct tape and birdseed.  I tried to assure him the birds wouldn't find it...(we have many other feeder in the yard)  but suprise to me....this beautiful tufted titmouse enjoyed the feeder all afternoon. 
 A pretty little chipping sparrow
 Slate colored junco (snow bird)
 field sparrow
 A mourning dove...taking off
Wind chill was in the teens yesterday...this is a very cold, chipping sparrow...no quite sure though...he wasn't interested in showing his proper coloring. 

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