Saturday, April 2, 2016

Out of the Doldrums..Day 2--The 2016 Paschal Candle

 Once again, we made our own Paschul Candle.  We made our first one last year and I just loved it.  
We got the kit from Holy Heroes
 And although you can't tell by the photos, Kimberly, Luke and Grace all made the candle.  
The 100% beeswax was just wonderful to work with. 
 The embellishments were make like temporary tatoos, and very easy to put on the candle. 
 Almost finished.
 The the amigos....and the finished product.
 While I get over bronchitis, Pat took the kids to church and hopefully our candle will be blessed.  
Better late than never---but remember---Easter lasts until Pentecost!
A definite lift up from the doldrums.  

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