Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Summer of the Bean Tepee

 To say our bean and morning glory tepee was a success would be an understatement.  
It was wonderful...and fun....and even beautiful.
May 3---Danny helped us construct our tepee.  This was our first attempt at this type of growing project...I had high hopes but was a little worried about the results.
Would it succeed??
 Luke digging a trench for the seeds...
 We wrapped the tepee with twine..and then planted pole bean seeds and morning glory seeds.
 The final step on May 3 was protecting the whole thing from the critters.
May 9th.  We have seedlings....everyday we saw new little plants starting to grow.
 June-20...It was slow going at the beginning.  Every day we would help wrap the vines around each other and around the vines and poles. 
 July-6....look at those bean blossoms.
 July-10th  A great place for meditation, especially 
when the Morning Glories began to blossom.
 July 23th....Luke is pointing at the first of the little tiny beans.
 August 23....One month had exploded with beans and flowers!!!
 By October 15th the kids didn't fit in the tepee
 3 days later...October 18 we had out first snowflakes and our first well below freezing temperatures. 
The mums survived...but these were the only plants that did.
It was a great run...but the Jack Frost won. 

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