Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Starting in the past...August 1, 2015

 A whole bunch of us got together to celebrate two great fellas.  My dad and brother-in-law.
 I love how they dresses alike!
 There were kids, grandkids and great grandkids everywhere.
 I think I just told Grace she shouldn't play badminton with a broken arm....we didn't even know at this point that it was broken in THREE places. 
 Enjoying time in the pool

 Luke showing his mad skills with Georgia

 Jenny and Brad
 One of a kind....
 Becky and Matt  (wedding day is March12)

 Mark's arm was working fine on this day...
 My sister Sue and Emilie
 Elsie, Josie and Kimberly
 Amy and Margie Sue
 Pam and Deb
 Lindsay and Jeff
 Gracie, Ava, Josie and Georgia
 Okay, someone has to tell me if this is Michael or Jacob?!?!

 Brendan, Emiline and Luke
 One of the birthday boys, Rick, and Sue

 Mom and Aunt Jean
 A Greenway gang....
 The whole bloomin' family
Quite a gang...and we are missing about half of the immediate family!!

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