Thursday, October 8, 2015

August 2--A New Prayer Board and New Plane

In August we made a new prayer board.  We had one several year ago that we used until it was worn out.  I finally had time to make a new one. 
It's a off board, decorated with ribbon and stickers.  I used sharpie marker to write "please pray for..." and then we add the names of whom we are praying for in wipe off marker.  I love seeing the names throughout the day and be reminded to say a prayer for those in need.  
Total cost: $2.00
Uncle Brian gave Luke this very cool plane. 
 It is an amazing flying machine!
First throw!
Caught in flight
First hang up in a tree
Daddy giving Kimberly a few pointers.
What a great first flight for Kim!!
Thanks, Uncle Brian.

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