Sunday, October 11, 2015

Luke's Melted Crayon Ghost Pumpkins--Halloween decorating

 Luke got started on his melted crayon pumpkin by hot gluing the crayons to the top of the pumpkin.  (we learded to let the pumpkin warn's been in the 30's at night around here..The cold temps make the hot glue dry so quickly it couldn't allow the crayons to stick to it.)
Luke getting started
It takes some time for the crayons to start melting, once they start it's great fun to watch the little wax trails.
The Kimberly photo of the day
Luke did a great job...he spent a lot of time working on his pumpkin.  This is just about the point where he passed the blowdryer on to me to finish up. 
We also made some grocery bag ghosts to hang on the apple tree.
Gracie made some foamie bats...we used daddy's fishing line to hang everything to the front trees...shhhhhh.....
Our decorations wouldn't be complete without Luke's gourd in the tree...(I'm not sure why, but we are not to move this per Luke's orders)
Luke's apple tree
Kimberly and Luke's finished pumpkins.

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