Monday, October 26, 2015

Google Eyes---Boo!!

 Kim and Luke made very cute Halloween picture frames for about $4 for can't beat that!
We got the wooden, unfinished frames at The Dollar Store.
 We had the paint...Kimberly painted her frame orange...
 Luke picked black for his frame.
 I did buy wooden letters at Walmart.  
 Luke painted his letters with orange and can't see the black letter on the black frame, but I couldn't talk him out of this choice.  (He did put google eyes on the black eye to help it show up)
 Go to town and glue google eyes everywhere....we also had these already....What crafty house doesn't have google eyes?
 I think they are so cute!!!  The frames are cute, too!
 I simple printed out pictures of the kids onto cardstock....we didn't have any photo paper, but you can't even tell the difference. 

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