Monday, May 25, 2015

Water and Oil Art

 We had fun exploring with water and oil during art time recently.
Using a medicine dropper we dropped water colors onto a dry sheet of watercolor paper. (I think the liquid watercolor is a must for this)
 The kids then dropped vegetable oil onto the paper.
(Place the paper on a cookie sheet or cake gets messy)
They enjoyed seeing the colors get "pushed around" by the oil. 
 We then dipped our paper into water before dropping on the colors...the colors spread and mixed, making for nice designs...
 After dropping the oil onto the wet paper we achieved very pretty mixing of the colors. 
The paper on the left was wet....on the right dry... These dried quicker than I thought they would. I thought the oil would slow down or prevent the paper from drying, but everything was dry in about 12 hours. 

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