Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's all about birds....

Weekly Wrap-Up
 We have been learning all about the birds this past week.  We have studied the art of Audubon and we have been on the lookout for our own native birds. 
The origami passenger pigeon above is made with a template from "Fold The Flock" This site tells all about the extinction of the passenger pigeon and also has some very cool videos. 
 I made the kids a chart of all the birds we see in this area....I found the original printout at Jimmie's Collage.   I have since added many, many  more birds to our list. I simply look up images of the particular birds on google images, cut and paste them to a document and then print them out.
I have to say, the kids are becoming experts in identifying birds.  
We have many resources that we are using...I will get to them in the next few days. 
Pinterest has been my go to guide for all things crafty and birdy!
I found a few different terracotta diy birdbath.  I'm combining two different birdbaths.  One  idea is from My-CreativiT.  The other element...a jeweled and grouted bowl....if from Happiness is Homemade.
Laura and Kimberly did the most work on our project....
They painted yesterday and Kimmy is almost clean today.  
We sealed the whole project with a heavy duty outdoor sealant. 
We used Goop heavyduty glue outside to keep the fumes at bay. We need to leave about 48 hours to set completely, and then we will be using grout to finish it off.

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Leslie Kleppe said...

I love your bird activities! I'm going to pin this so I can refer back to your ideas later ;)