Saturday, May 9, 2015

Springtime planting Weekly Wrap-Up May 3-May8

Weekly Wrap-Up

Year after year we try to do some fun gardening project with the kids. 
(Luke, cultivating with the claw end of a hammer. You make do with what you have on hand)
Year after year the bunnies eat all the sprouts!!
Danny investigated at Lowes to find the proper needed "ingredients"for a bean pole teepee.  
Here he is tying the four poles together at the top.
We then wrapped the poles with twine so the beans (and morning glories) have something to grab hold of.
Kimberly also became an expert in wrapping twinw tightly around the poles.
The kids had fun finding worms...
Getting the ground ready with Luke, Kim and Laura.
Luke's just plain likes this tool.
Digging a little deeper and planting the pole bean and morning glory seeds. (we hope to add a little bright color to our tee pee with the flowers.)
All finished!--Minus the fencing.
8 days later the rabbit fence is up....
and so are the bean and morning glory sprouts.

Mark worked very hard, digging up this very hard dirt.  Kim it getting the ground ready for the sunflower seeds.
Poor Luke, he hasn't been feeling well today...I thought helping us would pep him up(especially because he has been looking forward for planting day...It only worked for a few minutes and then he returned to the couch.
 Luke getting the soil ready
Little, little seeds, I really hope we have great results this year.
You can do it little seeds...
The final watering for today of the has been dry for so long, we are watering everything two times a day.
Hopefull the rabbit wire will give a good results and protect our tender sprouts
We did have great results in 2007__I think we due to success!

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Sarah Small said...

I always wanted one of those bean teepees when I was a kid! There was one in a nursery rhyme book, and I thought it would be the most perfect thing.