Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Week in Review April 26-May 2

Weekly Wrap-Up

Our week started last Sunday with a nice drive to Grandma and Grandpa's house.....we took the long way.  I wanted to see what nature we could find. Everyone wasn't pleased with this round about way.  But I was happy, especially finding this pilleated woodpecker
and a log full of sunning painted credit: Mark
I learned to make these "best ever" bookmarks.  Myself and everyone around me is now stocked up with book marks!
Last Monday we have begun our plant unit.  The kids made these cute see through planters at a Lowes Build and Grow clinic.  They are offering another "Mother's Day Planter" clinic for Mother's Day...all for free.
We also sprouted our seeds in ziploc bags....we have never done sprouting this way before, we always used a paper towel and a jar.  I love the compactness of this technique. 
We are kind of amazed at the amount of growth from Monday to Friday...
The bean plants ever burst out of the ziploc bags.
Luke is dissecting a daffodil....
I think daffodils and tulips are the best flower for success in finding all the parts of a flower.
Luke--Triple AAA Ball
Baseball and softball will keep us very busy for the next couple months....
We have 4 kids on 3 different teams. 
Grace--HCA softball
Mark-HCA softball  

Kimberly-girls minor league softball....yes, the temperature for this game was 31 degrees at the start, end at a sultry 38 degrees....Spring sports in Central New York is often closely related to winter sports. 

Danny helped us start a pole bean tee pee.
He got the poles tied together.
Kim and Luke got the ground ready for the seeds.
We also have been working on a lapbook about all things "India"
I will have a full post about the resources I used for this India lapbook within the next week....hopefully.
I keep thinking we are about finished and then one of the kids will send us down another rabbit trail,  At that point I just add another folder to the lapbook and continue. 
Right now we have 4 file folders glued together....and we have just begun the subject of Indian elephants.
I hope everyone has a great week. 

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