Monday, May 4, 2015

A New 9 Year Old

 I will say again as I do every year....I can't believe my baby is...............(add any number)
 9 years old. 
 We gathered at Grandma and Grandpa Hesler's house to enjoy the festivities.
 It took a few blows to get out all the candles.
 My bookend girls...
Pat, Danny and Grace 
All the kids that are in this state made it to Kim's party.
 Luke and Laura (Luke's 9 years old also....the Irish twin pictures will be coming soon!)
 Mark's a goof!
 Yummy, yummy "gooey stuff".  That is the actual name on the hand written recipe we have.
 Kim's favorite
 Grandma, Grandpa and the birthday girl.
 We finished out the day watching the sunset over Oneida Lake.
We also took tons of photos.
 Kimberly and her Daddy--and doggie.
Kim and Mark----

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