Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Story of Stained Glass

 We have enjoyed our study of the Middle Ages. We are starting to wind down and head into the Renaissance era, but before we did I wanted to do one more art project. 
Trying our hand at stained glass art was fun last week. Today we made "stained glass" luminaries.

 The book, The Story of Stained Glass, was just the right length to read aloud before starting our craft.  It gave us the history of stained glass, the purpose of stained glass and how making stained glass has changed over the centuries.
All you need for these luminaries are:
plain jars
Mod Podge
tissue paper
foam brushes
 The first step is to make a design by cutting up and arranging the tissue paper.

When you have the tissue paper ready, start slapping on the mod podge onto the jar.  
Arrange the tissue into its previously planned design.
 Kim had a plan, and that was to have a nice big
"k" on the front of her jar.

Luke's candle looks like a Syracuse basketball inspired luminary.
We made luminaries in the past:
You can see Halloween luminaries  and 

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