Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Week In Review:January 18-January 24

The week started out with a holiday..but not for our little school. 
 We did read about Martin Luther King Jr. and then made some artwork to honor the day.
My printer was broken so we made some old fashioned copies.  We used pencil to darkly scribble on the back side of the picture.  Since I am no artist...I held the paper up to the computer screen to make the first copy.  We then turned our pattern over and traced the lines...transferring the image onto the watercolor paper.
Using watercolors, we fingerprinted many different colors on the dove of peace.
Our final artwork.
Gracie made the beautiful "stained glass" heart.  You can see the other kid's stained glass pictures over here. 
Our art wall is getting pretty full!
Learning about the Middle Ages has led us to stained glass.  There are some fun projects in the back of this book which we will be doing this next week.
While big brother Mark was gone for a few days, Luke built this ship all on his own.  He even put it in the middle of the floor for Mark to see when he came home late at night. 

Playing Monkey Math.  We are working on the times tables and Kim is on the 8 facts and Luke is on the 7 facts.  This game makes review a little more enjoyable. 
I found it on this site which has many other fun math games.
Mark's 15th birthday fell during this week...Kimberly made him an oreo cake all by herself.

Worksheet completed with a branch pencil
We have been using many picture books for the study of the middle ages.  These are some of our favorite books.

Two of our favorite short chapter books of the week.

Kim's read aloud is The Knight at Dawn.  A Magic Treehouse book.
She read 2 chapters for me a day.
Luke found this book set in the middle ages.  He also reads 2 chapters a day to me.
Reading comprehension 
I have jumped on the bandwagon and am using a spiral notebook as a planner for each child.  It is working great.  You can find out more about this system at Amongst Lovely Things. 
An impromptu science experiment.
Kimmy ran out and scooped up some snow and came in a made measurement.  It's funny because both Kim and Luke thought that the water melted it would measure higher than the snow. 
They were surprised by just how mistaken they were. 

This week Kim began....
and finished her own tied quilt.
Everyone had fun with this book.

Luke made a catapult to join his trebuchet....weapons of the middle ages.

Grace's stained glass project..
Kimberly still has it.  She is on the cover of the Earth's Birthday Project spring catalog.  This picture was from our painted lady butterfly release in 2012.
This week we finished Toys Come Home.  It was very well received, especially by Luke and Kim.  In some parts we laughed out loud and at other parts we were very sad.  But it encouraged some great discussion.
The read aloud with the Mark and Grace (and Kim and Luke because they can't stand to be left out) is The Thief Lord .
We are all enthralled with this exciting book.  


Melissa N. said...

Those stained glass pictures are beautiful. Frame some of them! Love the birthday pic of Mark and how kind of his sister to make it.

Lots of fun goings on this past week! Enjoy the end of January!

Stef Layton said...

WOW! I was impressed with the doves - and then scrolled down to the lego battleship. AMAZING! I screamed for my 11yr old to come see that thing. WELL DONE!!