Monday, August 18, 2014

Supper over the fire and a goodbye to Amy

 We haven't had a campfire this year at Grandma and Grandpa's house because it has been so hot and buggy...but tonight was the night. 
 Perfect weather and cool temperatures.
Kimmy husking the corn and Luke raking the dry leaves away from the fire place.
 Gracie getting the citronella candles lit to keep away the mosquitos.
 Looks like all toe, Amy!  Amy leaves on Friday to head back to college after a year off. And boy, was that year full of hard, hard work!
 Mark and Luke testing their soccer skills.
 Time to get the fire going.
 Danny and Grandpa
 Pat cooked the hotdogs over the open fire.
 Some of us gathered around the picnic table.
 Swistak corn...the best!

 Laura and Becky
 Poor Mark, braces will cause this to happen.
 My bookend babies.
 Time to make the s'mores.

 Grandpa..look at him...can you believe he is 86 years old...I can't
 Gracie and Grandpa
 Everyone wants a s'more.
Everyone was able to wish Amy a grand farwell except for Matt and Alexis.  (Boy I miss those two!)

 Laura being silly and cooking a marshmallow over a citronella candle.  I bet it wouldn't taste very good if she kept it up.
 Look natural, Grace.

 Pretty Kimberly
 Becky getting ready to take part in the ice water bucket challenge...Pat is the assistant.
 I thought this was Becky's challenge.
On the way home, with Kimmy adorned in her Seminole Indian headdress.  


auntie said...

Good bye Amy! I hope this year is a happy and holy one for you. Joann I love your family and miss them so much. I fear when I get back to NY next they will all be so grown I won't know them.

Juli E. said...

Your family always looks like they are having so much fun! Good Luck to Amy!