Sunday, August 3, 2014

An Amazing Living Legacy

It was an amazing day yesterday...My Dad celebrated his 86th birthday.
I was amazed as I looked around at the wonderful legacy that will follow him forever.
Helping to celebrate were 40 direct descendants of Dad and Mom...children, grandchildren and great-children. These were only the folks that could make it. In fact there many others who couldn't be with us.
At one point of the get-together, 2 of Dad's sisters and some of their families stopped by, raising the celebrators to 52.
What love we have for this wonderful, gentle, caring, spiritual man!
Now, onto a very photo heavy post....mostly of very cute, grand and great-grand children.
Sean and Nathan Hesler
Kimberly and the new bubble gun
Baby Michael and Mark...Michael seemed to love everyone
Laura and Michael...spreading his charm
Georgia and Grace  Can you tell they are related!
My beautiful Mom and sister Sue
Ben and Tracy...who are expecting one of the 4 new babies arriving this year.
Steve and Nathan
Stephanie and Sean
Some sort of fun in the trees
Luke and Brendan--They were real partners yesterday (they had to stick together, they were outnumbered by the girl cousins)
Jessie and her beautiful daughter Elsie
Sammy on the same swing we have all enjoyed from the time we were small children
Kimberly having her turn with Michael
Best buddies, Emmy and Elsie
Jacob and Emmy
Kimmy trying to teach Mikey how to use the bubble gun
 Gracie and Margie Sue
 Emmy, Kimberly and Margie have a rest from all the action.
 Becky and baby Leo...the youngest great grandchild at the party
 Ava, Jenny and Georgia
Elsie, Jessie, Matt and Jacob.  Jessie and Matt will be welcoming their 4th son very soon.
 Collins' girls, this is family time!
 Uncle Pat teaching Nathan some of the same moves he used on Nathan's dad many years ago.
 Three of the Collins' boys, Mark, Dan, and Pat...Luke was off playing and Matt is in California with his army unit...Keep Matt in your prayers, please.
Three Collins' girls...Amy, Gracie and Laura
 Photo bomb by Stephanie
 This Fisher Price doggie is at least 45 years's still being enjoyed today.
 Grandson Ben, very proud to show off his new weapon to Grandpa.

 I had to add these. We are studying Tall Tales in school.  We can't decide if Pat resembles Paul Bunyan or John Henry.
We did witness the fact that Pat could hammer the post into the ground about a foot and a half at a time. (John Henry for sure)
Dad, Mom and their baby Steve.
May God bless us all!

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Juli E. said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! How blessed you are to be able to celebrate another year qith your sweet father!