Friday, August 22, 2014

August Kiwi Crate-2014--Amusement Park

 We received our August Kiwi Crate + sibling pack yesterday.  The sibling box contains enough material for two children to complete the projects.
This month's theme is fittingly, Amusement Park.  Especially since our state fair started yesterday.
 The next item in the crate was a card describing the contents of the next 3 boxes.  They really look like a lot of fun.
 Because we subscribe with a sibling pack, we get two copies of the "explore!" magazine.  This is full of stories and games and little projects that correspond with this months them.  There are directions for a bean bag toss game, and the cut out activity which encourages your child to create their own roller coaster.
As always, very indepth, child friendly instructions are included for all the projects. 
 Kim and Luke decided they wanted to make the "my silly squirters" right away.
Directions with words and pictures are all the kids need to make the projects on their own.

As always, every single material needed for the project is included in the book.
 Nice looking clown, Luke,
 Getting busy
 There was even a  gold tee and ping pong ball included to complete the silly squirters.
I love this idea and the kids had a ball with them.
 squirt guns are included.   They were small but very strong and accurate.

 sibling competition.
 The clowns are made of foam, so they are completely waterproof which will definitely prolong their use.
Also included in this months crate is a set of two bumper cars each.  These look like fun and will be made tomorrow. Again, everything, down to the smallest detail are included.
As an add on, I ordered face paint.  We are looking forward to this fun.  It will be just like we are at an amusement park!

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