Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Trip to The Wild Animal Experience

 We didn't know.
A wonderful family fun gem was only a 10 minutes drive away from our house.
It is the most hands on zoo we have ever been to, and the kids (and grown-ups) loved it!
 When you arrive you are greeted by  a barnyard full of hungry goats.
 This sign cracked me up.
 But they were serious....the lemurs waited patiently for Froot Loops to head down the feeding chute.
 Kimberly was very brave...she fed everything.  No matter how much slime they left on her hand.
(there were many hand cleaning stations all around the zoo)
 Will this be a new tradition?  I think so.  Even Mark joined in.  What a good sport he is.
 A few of the animals, like this Zebu, seem to need to see an orthodontist.
 Do I need braces?
 Is your Mama a Llama?
 Luke's all time favorite animal...Jase the Giraffe.  Look at that tongue. 
 Kimberly was standing on platform...she still had to stretch to feed Jase a carrot.
 Okay...that tongue kind of freaked me out....

An American black bear....lounging on its back.
 Cute kids.
 A watusi---It was huge, and those horns were unbelievable. A watusi can reach 1600 pounds and the horns can be 8 feet across.
 Very friendly fallow deer waiting to be fed.
 The fallow deer were just beautiful.
 Kimberly's all time favorite animal..the kangaroo.  We got to see a small joey climb out of this mother's pouch and then climb back in.  It was so cute. 
The bigger zoo we usually go to doesn't have kangaroos or giraffes, so the kids were very excited to see their favorite animals.
A huge white Bengal tiger. 
We were told it is a snowflake tabby Bengal tiger.
It was so weighs about 800 pounds
 and stands 8 feet tall.
 The keeper said it eats over fifteen pounds of beef a day.
 Let's feed a camel.
 Brave Kimberly...Luke was afraid it would spit on him so he stayed far away.
 I enjoyed this sign.
 Luke did feed the alligators....of course he was way up on a platform.
 The guinea hens ran loose, eating all the animal feed kids drop around the park.
I think these guys were my favorite.
If you are local...The Wild Animal Park is definitely worth your time.
Thank you, Daddy for taking us on this adventure.

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