Friday, August 29, 2014

Shaker Slime!

 Steve Spangler Science never lets us down.
Today was a perfect day to make shaker slime.
 Measuring carefully.
The cups came with ounce markings on the outside. It was very easy to measure out two ounces of clear slime goo.
 Then we added a color fizzing tablet to make our slime pretty.
 There was plenty of supplies in this one kit to invite the neighbors over to enjoy the fun.
After mixing in the cross-linker solution, shake, shake, shake!
The instruction sheet gives an explanation of the experiment and teaches about polymers.
 Gracie's slime.
 Luke is smiling here.

But, this is what Luke really thought about holding the slime.  He has never liked to get too gooey.
Science is fun!

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