Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kids in the Kitchen--Painted Bread Art

Amy found this activity for Luke and Kim.  Painted toast.
All you need is:
food coloring
small jars or cups
a toaster
 new, cheap paintbrushes
 We put about one inch of milk into each jar and then added 4 or 5 drops of food coloring.
 Mix up your milk and food coloring...I love the pastel color of the milk.
 Start painting a design or picture on a piece of bread...being careful not to "soak" the bread in any one spot.
Luke chose to write his name.
 Put in the toaster on a medium setting.
 Kimmy's masterpiece before toasting.
 Kimmy's masterpiece after toasting....I love how the colors stand out on the toast.
 The toast was still tasty slathered in butter!
 Amy wanted to join the fun and since it was her idea, taadaa,
Amy's finished flower.
For the Kids Friday

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Juliana E. said...

What a fun idea! At first glance I thought the one piece said Luis, and I couldn't figure out who that was... Then realized it was Luke!