Friday, July 13, 2012

2012 Summer Olympic Lapbook--Part 1

 I wanted to give you a little information on our 2012 Summer Olympic lapbook.
The main components of the lapbook are from A Journey Through Learning.  This unit consists of a lot a information about the ancient Olympics,the  modern Olympics, and has a printout for individual events, so you can keep track of the winners in your lapbook.
 Another resource was the Modern Olympic Activity printable.
 This is a short printable booklet with some reading and fill in the blank questions.  It also had the Olympic rings, and the areas of the world represented by the rings.  We cut these out and added it to the middle flap of our lapbook.
Some great Olympic coloring pages can be found at Activity Village
 We started our Olympic study by reading aloud Hour of the Olympics...a Magic Tree House book.
I found a wonderful sight with online chapter questions.  It also has a vocabulary section for each chapter.  I printed out the vocabulary and did it orally with my 6, 7, and 10 year olds.  They loved answering the chapter questions on the computer.
You can find this unit at this location.
 An inside pocket of our lapbook..We work on our lapbooks in the morning and include the 2 first graders and 5 grader together.
 I am incorporating a study of the city of London into our lapbook.

This mini lapbook is being placed into our bigger lapbook.  It contains a perfect amount of information about London to keep it interesting for the different ages for which  I am gearing our lapbook.
Make sure to also check out the free Olympic lapbook available at Homeschool Share. We are also adding a few of these elements to our super big lapbook.
I will be back with more lapbook fun as we progress.

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