Friday, July 20, 2012

26 years of marraige and still having fun!

Pat and I were greatly blessed to have our children send us off to the Adirondack Mountains to enjoy some time together and to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary.
We headed out to Old Forge.
 One of the first things we did was to head up the McCauley Mountain chair lift to get a great view of the mountains.
 The view was a little hazy, but still very impressive.
 I loved these Adirondack chairs made out of old skiis.

 Pointing our important landmarks...and the TowBar Inn.
 heading down the mountain
 We inquired  in town as to where a nice, easy hike could be found, suitable for someone with rhuematoid arthritis....This is the spot immediately pointed out to us...the Moss Lake loop.
 It started out the center of the lake is a little island, and on this island an osprey has nested.
 The trail was flat for the most part, and the serenity of the woods was wonderful.
 I loved this little fungus...I don't know what it is called, but it was beautiful.  At this time in our walk were about 1.25 miles in....halfway....that seems to be my rhuematoid arthritis limit...but I marched on.  I feel that I could now be one of those Olympic commercials....I overcame adversity...powered on...(although I was quite whiny) and made it (uphill) to the trailhead.  Pat was proud of me....and very happy he didn't have to call 911!
 The view from the balconey of our hotel room.
 The amazing room.  The stairs wind up to the bedroom. (The kids would have loved these stairs.)
 When we arrived home preparations for a party had begun.  I love the 26 balloons lining the wall.

Thank you, kids for making these past 26 years so wonderful for your father and me.


auntie said...

You two are an example to the unmarried and the newly married. God bless you with many more. I am honored to know you.

Juliana E. said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate! How lovely of your children to plan a wonderful celebration!

Laurie said...

That is quite a gift! Happy anniversary!