Friday, March 11, 2011

We found the pot of gold

under the rainbow.

I saw this in a very old craft book I had laying around the house, so I have no link. It is more of a "do it yourself" from the picture craft.

First I cut a "pot of gold" out of cardstock and Kim and Luke painted it a dark gray.

After it the paint was dry, they added sticker jewels and shiny shamrocks to the pot o' gold.

While the little kids painted, Gracie and Mark colored little Leprechauns to adorn the pots o'gold.

This was the first day on this craft.
Today we made our rainbows.
I simply cut a paperplate in half and made a rainbow.
The kids used markers to color thier rainbows.
I love the image of little hard working hands.
I cut "clouds" out of card stock and Luke and Kim made them perfectly fluffy by gluing cotton balls onto them.

We glued the clouds to the edges of the rainbow.

After all the glue dried, I used yarn to attach the rainbow to the pot o'gold.

A very cute addition to our Saint Patrick's Day decorations!

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JanMary @ said...

Another great St Patrick's Day craft - thanks for linking it to my St Patrick's Day bloggy carnival :)

Liberty said...

Cute Idea -- Thanks for sharing! We might have to create our own version of your lovely idea :)

JanMary @ said...

You are a winner :) Get in touch to claim your prize from Ireland!