Sunday, March 6, 2011

Science Sunday-oil and water and paint pictures

Oil and water are always fun things to "play" with during science time. Today, I added paint to the mix to make some fun science art projects.
We needed tempra paint, oil, water, a glass cake pan, small bowls and medicine droppers.
Put about a 1/4 cup of oil into a small bowl.
Add quite a bit of tempra paint and mix together. (If you have powered tempra paint this would work even better)
Stir the oil and paint together.
Put water into the cake pan. Using the medicine droppers, drop the paint and oil into the water.
We see that the oil and water and paint don't mix. We made wonderful snakes and great blobs.
After getting the colors "just right" I laid a piece of card stock on top of the water and oil and paint.
The results was a very cool design on our papers. Be prepared to repeat this time and again.
It is fun to see new designs with every paper placed into the pan.
On the science front, we learned that oil and water do not mix.
Science Sunday


Fresh Start Academy said...

Fun Project
I have awarded you with the stylish blogger award please stop by to claim your award and pass it along to others

Ticia said...

That is very cool. I'm trying to think how I can tie this into anything we are studying right now...... Not at all, but I did get another idea to try sometime.....

pearl123 said...

Really loved this idea.. nice way to combine a science experiment with an art activity =)surely going to try it with my students! thanks.