Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Visual for the Earth's spinning core

We learned in science today about the composition of the earth. We learned that the inner core is a solid sphere of extremely hot iron. The outercore is liquid iron, and very hot as well. From Mark's science book, Behold and See 5: "The fact that the outer core is liquid means it can rotate a bit more slowly that the inner, solid core, and a bit faster than the crust." We then tried this experiment. Get a raw egg and spin it. Stop it, and then let it go again. If you do this, it will start to spin again, because the yolk is still spinning even though you stopped the egg shell from spinning. The yolk spins faster that the egg shell, just the way the Earth's core spins faster than the Earth's crust."

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One Rich Mother said...

oh love it! Will defently be using this in our homeschool. Thank you for sharing this.