Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunshine + Crayons + Magnifying Glasses = Fun!!

After I discovered Grace and Mark with magnifying glasses outside trying to set leaves on fire, I channeled their enegry (and the sun's energy) into a art/science project.
The temperature was only in the 50's today, but the sun was strong enough to melt some crayons.
We usually do this activity on rocks, but since we have't collected smooth Lake Ontario rocks yet this year, I resorted to giving the kids paper, knowing full well the excitement the anticipated smoke would cause.
I just love the shadow in this photo.
Yes, this is my only grater---my favorite grater---an exceptionally wonderful grater---but it gave its life in the name of homeschooling fun. (But, I do believe there is a chance that if I put it in the oven at about 200 degrees, the crayon with melt and be able to be wiped right off)
Again, I love this shadow!!
YES!!! Luke melted some crayon and made some smoke--- a 4 year old's idea of perfect science class!!
Say cheese, Kim!!

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Denice said...

oh u r one creative mama. trying this on monday. now where is that magnifying glass......

btw - put the grater in the dishwasher. usually the water is hot enough to get all the crayon off.