Thursday, April 8, 2010

Egg--xperiment is underway--The Naked Egg-Day 1

In honor of all the Easter eggs around here, we have begun the exciting experiment of making a "naked egg".
The first step of this experiment is to cover a raw egg with white vinegar. The vinegar will begin to dissolve the egg shell almost immediately.
We were very surprised to see little pits in the shells within an hour.
After 24 hours we will replace the vinegar with fresh vinegar, then we will let the egg sit for 5 days.
At the conclusion of that time, hopefully we will have a "naked egg".
We will surely let you know what happens!!
I couldn't resist adding this picture to our experiment post.
She kept saying she smelled something---I guess she found it!!

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Beate said...

Once your egg is "naked," you can use it to show how fire burns oxygen. Find a heavy glass jar with a narrow opening that your egg will sit on without being able to drop in. Put some paper in the jar, light it on fire, and put the egg on top. The egg will be sucked into the jar - super cool ;-)