Thursday, November 20, 2008

Visiting Matt--Hooray!!!

Between visits with Grandpa at the hospital, Pat and I finally had the chance to visit Matt at "his" house.
As a special treat, we took Kim and Grace with us. (It has been hard with Grandpa in the hospital, our schedule has been turned upside down-as I spend most of my time with him)
The kids were very happy to get this special time Matt. It also was very practical to take only two children at a time, since the house Matt lives in is beautifully decorated with many gorgeous antiques-it seemed much safer with only two....

Kim was excited because Matt has a tv and turned on Curious George for her.
He then magically started a fire without even using a match---the wood didn't even burn---it was amazing!
Gracie enjoying the warmth of the fire.
We then gathered around the marble island in the kitchen to enjoy a treat.
Matt gave us ice cream for a treat. What a great brother to have!!! We all love you, and thank you for a fun evening!!

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Rhonda said...

His home is beautiful and it looks like you all had a wonderful visit!