Saturday, November 8, 2008

Goin' fishin'-Tot Style

We are going fishing, fishing for letters, shapes and numbers.
First I cut different color fish out of foam sheets, and then inserted a brass brad fastener to make a fish eyeball. This fastener is also what is attracted to the magnet on the fishpole.

For the fishing poles, we used a 7/16"- three foot dowel, cut in half to make two poles. These are very sturdy. Daddy drilled a hole in the end of each "pole" to tie the fishing line on to. I used a circle magnet for the "hook" and embroidery floss for the line. The kids have since broke this line, so I am going to try regular yarn next. Luke enjoys "reeling" his line in. This takes a lot of patience on his part, but he takes his time and succeeds.
Everyone has been having fun with this. Above, Gracie appears to be helping someone catch a fish.
I have added the letters of Luke's and Kim's names to the fish, along with the numbers we are learning (1-3) and some different shapes.
I have all sorts of ideas for other "fish" we could make. Basically anything we are learning about could be made into "fish" to help in learning, such are little felt animals, or we could even make pictures of stories in sequential order that the kids could catch in the proper order. I'm thinking it would be simple to laminate small pictures and just stick a paperclip on them to catch the magnet.
I am sure there will be updates about this activity as I add to it.


Juli said...

I love this post. I was trying to plan some preschool ideas for my son this weekend for learning his letters and numbers. Great timing.

Anonymous said...

awesome week-I,m glad I caught up. Kim

Erin said...


This is incredible, I'm just going to have to do it.

You never cease to amaze me with your enthusiasm and ideas for the younger set,I need that so often my littles can get lost in the crowd. Thanks you.

Lisa said...

Joann, you are the queen of wonderful learning projects! Our littles will love this! (Might make for a fun homemade Christmas present for the big girls to make the littles... Hmmm...)