Monday, November 17, 2008

Trumpet of the Swan--Art

We recently finished our read aloud, Trumpet of the Swan. We all enjoyed it. After we finished it I thought it would be interesting to have the kids watch a movie based on the book. I found this movie....

They were very excited about this movie, but quickly became disappointed. They enjoyed the book much more, and immediately noticed how much the movie left out. Some of the favorite scenes in the book were omitted from the movie, and quite a bit of the book was changed to fit the movie. We do not recommend this movie-sorry.
We do recommend trying your hand at drawing trumpeter swans. I have some of the Draw Write Now books, and I found this website that happened to have a Draw Write Now sample swan drawing lesson.
These books are very elementary and the lessons very simple, but for a momma with absolutely NO artistic talent (crafting with a pattern-yes-drawing-no) these books do the trick.
I am very proud of Mark and Grace's "Louie the Swan". It was a fun ending to a fun book.


heavenly bliss said...

We just had this in our hands at the library last night. Then Georgia found Kaya of The American Girl series and decided on that since we have been talking about Native Americans. Next time we go I will pick this up!!
xoxo Jenny
hope Grandpa is doing better.

Jennifer said...

One of my favorite books! Dd won an anniversary copy once that was lovely.
Their drawings turned out so well!

Rhonda said...

My girls always prefer the book to the movie. Just something about putting yourself in the book makes it so much more fun. Their swans turned out very well.

Lisa said...

Isn't this almost always true? The movie almost NEVER equals the book! We've enjoyed the Narnia movies so far, for example, but there are always murmerings about what they left out, who doesn't picture which character like which actor/actress, how the scenery isn't quite how they imagined it, etc... We do love all the E.B. White books, too, though!

PS ~ Love the swans ~ and we'll add your Dad to our prayers!

lara said...

We read the book a couple of months ago and loved it! We decided to pass on the movie becuase the reviews were awful. I love the drawings of the swan.