Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mama's Kiss: By-Jane Yolen

Mama's Kiss........Jane Yolen has such a wonderful history of writing some of our favorite books, I knew we would have a winner when this was on the "new book shelf" at our library this past week. Review: When Mama throws her curly-headed little girl a handful of kisses, "Most land right, but one kiss misses. / Mama says she'll throw another, / It sails off toward Baby Brother." This begins a peregrination that takes that wayward kiss through the neighborhood, into the woods and back (via "a runner's hair" - Papa, the reader sees) to the little girl it was meant for, spreading affection wherever it lands. Yolen's meter never falters, providing a rollicking counterpoint to Baxter's drolly energetic cartoon vignettes, the winged-lipped kiss tying all visually together. Sweet - but not saccharine - good-hearted fun. (Picture book. 3-6) (Kirkus Reviews)

This review from Amazon is exactly what I would write if I was a critic with a gift for words.

As happens around this house when everyone least expects it, I came up with some silly ideas as I read this book aloud.First I got out the lipstick and firmly smacked a lovely lipstick kiss on everyone's cheek-(except Mark, who at 8, is to0 manly for this silliness.)
Everyone then took turns putting the lipstick on and then kissed our new poster, which is now proudly displayed for all to enjoy.
We even got Daddy to add to the fun-at the total dismay of the 8 year old boy, who now seems to doubt his father's masculinity.

It doesn't take much to entertain us around here-or add to the memories.

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janeyolen said...

What a hoot--thanks!

Jane Yolen