Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Poor Blog--gets a post....

 A yummy, 1 pound honeycrisp, freshly picked big as Kimberly's face, shared by 2 kids and a mom (with caramel dip!)
 Two thick softer than soft blankets ready to bundle a beautiful set of twins. 
I sell many knit and crochet handcrafts.  You can find me at. J.C.Marie Handcrafts on Facebook.  You can place orders by messaging me here or on my Facebook public page.
 The perfect visitors on yesterday's Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi.
 It was too bad my bow hunters were not home. (sorry St. Francis--but we need meat in the freezer)
 I found a wonderful quick and easy craft to honor St. Francis on the Catholic Inspired website.  
(Boy, does my craft--I mean kitchen---need an overhaul)
I love seeing St. Francis rebuilding our Lord's church. 
 Kimmy, Luke and Grace put together this beautiful autumn puzzle...a little modge-podge..and this will stay up until out Christmas puzzle is put together and displayed. 
Hopefully I will keep up with documenting our busy lives here in the "little house".  I may also have some big photo dumps of things that happened over the summer...especially the arrival or our first grandbaby... Carson Matthew...

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RobynnF said...

He is so adorable. Grandbabies are so much fun. Congratulations!