Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Autumn Luminaries

 It's art time in the little house.
  Today we made autumn luminaries.
  I made these way back when, with a different bunch of was the first time Kim and Luke made luminaries.
 This is a very low cost project with a big payoff.  You just need modge podge  (or watered down white glue...much cheaper than modge podge).  A glass "candle holder". Today we used real glasses that were $.99 each. Tissue paper.  Everyone has tissue paper in the craft closet, and  beautiful leaves from a Central NY autumn. 
 We glued the leaves onto the glass first.  Put a layer of glue onto the glass before placing the leaf on the glass. Once the leaves are set.. begin adding tissue paper. 
 Cover the whole glass with tissue paper. We used three autumn colors, but in the past we have used one color and that also turned out pretty.
 I had to add this photo because I want to remember what Luke thinks of touching the glue!
 We added beaded stickers to the glasses after all the glue had dried.  I found with at Walmart for $2.87,  The stickers were the most expensive part of this project. 
Add a votive candle to the glass...
I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall.
Tomorrow we have a weather forecast predicting 2 inches of snow.....winter is on the way!

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