Thursday, October 6, 2016

Introducing...Carson Matthew

 We are out of our minds with happiness to announce the arrival (after over 40 hours of labor-Alexis is amazing!)  of Carson Matthew.  Our first grandchild.  And he is PERFECT!!
 Daddy meeting his son for the first time.
 The beautiful new family.
 Now, since this is the most gorgeous grandchild...the rest of this post is can leave, but you would be missing a real cutie pie.  
 Carson weighed in at a whopping 6 lbs 6 ozs and 18 inches long.  
 first bath
 cozy and staring at daddy
 an angel
 practicing to be a referee
 We got in the car and drove about 18 hours to get to our grandson.
Grandpa meeting his grandson for the first time.
 Kim and Luke are an aunt and uncle.  They made the trip with us.  They are wonderful long distance travelers. 
 I love his froglegs...He spend a lot of time without clothes...he needed to get some sun to get rid of jaundice.

 It didn't take Kim and Luke long to be baby holding experts.
 How tiny was Carson?  These are Grandpas hands.

 After 4 days, it was time to say goodbye. 
 It seems that once we left this little fellow started to grow...
 He can read his books, and he started out growing his newborn clothes.
 Funny little hat

 Carson looks like he's done....
 One month already
 He has learned to smile...and mean it!
 And then a thing called Hurricane Matthew showed up... and we are so happy to have these two evacuees!  (It's too bad the Matt couldn't come)
 Laura meets Carson
 I'm so happy Alexis and Carson are save and sound far away from the hurricane
 Carson loves Luke...and showed it with a lot of smiles.

 He is such a big boy now

 Heading to meet Uncle Danny at work....
 I'm not sure Dan was quite sure what to do with him...
All we are missing is my baby!! But he is serving his country and will probably be helping with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.  
We miss you, Matt, and we all LOVE you!!
Stay safe. 

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