Monday, April 20, 2015

The Light

It's been a long, long winter.....
a hard, depression filled, anxiety ridden, lonely winter.
I plugged away, day to day.. hour by hour....minute by minute.
I asked for prayers..I talked to my husband....I kept my secret.
I tried hard to make my kids smile..
I occasionally was successful.
Grown sons had surgery.
Little sons were hospitalized.
Hubby is facing his own health challenges.
Members of this household were sick for weeks.
Life was in chaos for 4 weeks while health was regained.
Winter was sooooo cold.  It took until into March for it to warm enough for kids to go outside to play.
But life went on....some days were beautiful, full of sunshine.
This fellow regained his health.
The twins that aren't quite were soooo sad to be apart, but are back together now.
Crochet and knitting are therapy
It's good for the soul
Hopefully this space will once again be filled up with our lives.
Making happy memories is just as important to these little ones as it was for big brothers and sisters.
We love our Saints and continue to pray for their intersession. 

Especially Irish Saints....since I have a household of little Irish babies.
Pinterest is becoming one of our favorite friends.

Gracie has become my crafting partner.
She does beautiful work!

The rainbow still comes after the storm.
The risen Jesus is our hope.

He will never forget  us. 
Jesus is the Light of our world.
But encouragement is still needed...
desperately needed at times.
So we ask for prayers, and suggestions for getting through the rough patches...
and leaning on the light of Jesus.


Laurie said...

I haven't been keeping up on reading blogs, so I missed all your wonderful recent posts. I have no suggestions, but have gone through similar times- it does feel so much better when you're coming out the other side and the sun is shining a bit! It looks like your spring and summer are looking up. I hope it stays that way!! I love all your pictures in this post.

Juli E. said...

I will be praying for you and your family! I am so sorry your family has had to deal with so much!