Saturday, April 25, 2015

Play Ball!!! Welcome to the 2015 Little League Season

We headed out to the ballpark this morning.  The temperature was a balmy 36 degrees.  Thankfully the sun was shining for the first time in a week and thankfully we wore our winter coats.
Luke moved up a level...he now plays for a AAA team. He is the second little guy from the left in the bottom row.  The only problem that I see is that this is the first year a score is keep for the games.  Today didn't turn out in our teams favor and Luke was pretty upset. 
Kim got a hit every time she was up to bat....she is a real little athlete.  
Luke practicing pitching with Mark.
Kimberly came in to pitch for her team....she was shaking to much from the below freezing windchill she was sent to the bench to retrieve her winter coat. 
She is a good little pitcher.
2015-Oneida Fire Department team
2015-Taco Bell team

partners forever
One of the cheering section participants
Warming up for pitching.
We packed a picnic and saved a bunch of money.  That concession stand is pricey when we are feeding 5 of us. 
Luke keeping his eye on the ball....
We may not of been happy with the final score, but it was a great start to the season.

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