Saturday, April 25, 2015

Keeping kids busy....Baking Soda Art

Weekly Wrap-Up
 This is a great way to keep the kids busy, and you have everything you need in your cupboard.
Fizz art. 
Baking soda art.
 pour baking soda onto a cookie tray with sides.
 Each of the kids used about 1/2 cup of white vinegar 
 mixed with several drops of food coloring.
 Using medicine droppers...drip the colored vinegar onto the baking soda.
 It fizzes and bubbles.  We used primary colors---so it was fun to watch the colors mix and make secondary colors.
 Each of the kids spend quite a long time "fizzing".
 This is a great idea for a rainy day....when you are done, used boiling water to wash the goop down the kitchen sink drain.  It helps keep odors away.  
I'm not sure what Gracie was thinking at this time....but I couldn't resist this photo!

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