Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Flower Power

After drying the flower off and then cutting off the blossom...Luke discovered water dripping out of the cut end of the stem.
 Things are almost all melted outside and our plants are just starting to poke their heads out of the ground....but over at Mom and Dad's the daffodils are in full bloom...
It's time for our tradition plant unit. 
We have been busy planting seeds indoors, in ziploc bags and soon we will begin our bean pole teepee.
After discovering flowing water from the stem, Luke carefully removed the outside of the stem...he found the veins which were holding the water. 
 Kimmy, digging into her flower, or second flower....or third flower.
 We found all the parts of the daffodil blossom. Ovary is above.
 Actually are they just seeds or do we call them eggs at this point?
 We dissected our flowers on black construction paper.  This really helped us "see" the individual parts of the flower...especially the pollen.

We have put this visual up on our learning wall....Happy Spring Homeschooling everyone.

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