Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Needle and thREAD

needle and thREAD

I really need to thank Elizabeth for starting this weekly "linky party"! I haven't sewed in a while and her posts of the past few weeks have gotten me inspired. So, this past week, while the temperatures reached 90 degrees, I realized that the little girls needed some summer clothes, and I became excited and headed off to the fabric store. I had looked through my patterns before heading to the store. I decided to start with the outfitting of Kimberly. I had a few suitable patterns, but became super excited when I saw that the McCall's patterns were on sale for $.99 at Joann's Fabrics...JACKPOT!
I bought fabric for tops, capris, shorts and pajamas.

I started with this very cute and easy top and lightweight denim capris. The pattern for the top is McCall's M6313. It sewed up very quickly, and I love the elastic on the neck and sleeves.

The capris are McCall's pattern 4006. I added white pregathered eyelet to the bottoms.
I like the fit of these...I plan on making a couple more pairs of these.
The book I am enjoying right now is Mary Higgins Clark's Where Are You Now?

I did have a little bit of a hard time getting into this book. There are so many characters, I was having to look back to figure out who was who, but now, 3/4 of the way done, I have been pulled into the story. The kids think it is really funny that when I read Mary Higgins Clark I tend to get quite nervous, I only read them when other are still awake...I have read a few when I was alone and scared myself. LOL!

I'm looking forward to my next book, The Invisible Thread. It was highly recommended to me and sounds very interesting...I will let you know what I think of it next week.

The trampoline test!! The test where you see how well the new clothes stand up to the trampoline.
These new clothes pass the test.


Rachel Proffitt said...

LOL I think it is funny too that they make you nervous ;)
But I love your sewing this week- those capris look like fun for your kids (ruffles and laces always seem to go down well!)

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Lovely work, Joann! And your little model is beautiful!

Laurie said...

You do have some serious sewing skills! Adorable- the outfit and your daughter.

the momma said...

Fabulous job!
I just LOVE peasant tops/dresses on little girls!

hannahw said...

Your pink striped top fabric looks a lot like the fabric I used for my shirt! Found you at needle and thREAD (where I see we BOTH broke the rules of one shot only.. who can help themselves with so much excitement and beautiful little models!)

*kate said...

I love that top! It looks so comfy and your daughter is just adorable.

Alisa said...

wow! I hope to be able to sew clothes for my little one like that some day! I love the shirt and the cute! Found you from Elizabeth's link up....happy sewing!!

heavenly bliss said... machine has been idle for a little while too....I may be inspired!!! xoxo

Elizabeth from Planted. said...

Oh wow! You can whip up stuff fast! I love the added eyelet trim. I hope one day I can have the confidence in using patterns that I can grab them when they are on sale for 99 cents. For now though, I'm buying Oliver and S because they're supposed to be great for beginners.

Natalie said...

Fantastic outfit you made her. I made a similar shirt for myself a few years back but it didn't fit properly. Time to give it another try. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jeannine said...

Love the trampoline test!

And I love the top and capris! Need to get working on some for my daughter. Especially love the lace trim with the capri fabric. Pretty.

Elizabeth Foss said...

Ruffled denim capris:-) I LOVE that!