Saturday, April 14, 2012

Woven Hearts Craft

Some of the kids are fighting springtime colds...(having just gotten over pneumonia), so I didn't want to send kids out into the cool weather, so I suggested to Amy that she find a craft that the 3 littles would enjoy. She came through with a great art lesson for us all.

At first Amy had the kids experiment and practice with different paintbrush strokes and color mixing.
It took alot of concentration to get the brushstrokes just right.

We used cardboard from the backs of cereal boxes.

Working of swirls.

Four pieces of cardboard were painted and then two were cut into hearts and the other two were cut into thin strips.

Amy used an sharp knife to cut slits in the hearts, being careful to leave an edge around the heart.

Begin weaving strips into the heart.

A job well done on a slow Saturday afternoon.

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