Friday, April 13, 2012

Exploring Oneida Creek

For full disclosure: If you are heading out with the kids on a new hiking path and there is a big sign stating "trail washed out"....don't pick this trail to head down, no matter how nice it looks because after walking a half mile you will come to a 30 foot drop off, into the creek where the trail was indeed..."washed out". But, for the children's pleasure, instead of walking back, you can challenge the kids to get to the bottom of the 20 foot ravine on their behinds. They will make it easily, but this momma will give them quite a laugh as she makes her way down the slope.
The trout lilies are in bloom along the creek.


Yes, it is still winter coat weather in the evenings.

Beautiful violets.

mouse-eared hawkweed

It took all Luke's courage to balance his way along this giant fallen tree.

Kimmy wasn't brave enough to make it across.

This is Kimmy's cougar face.

The Oneida Creek is running quite low for springtime ( our lack of snow and rain is beginnign to show) ...but it is perfect (and safe) for exploring.

Gracie out on a limb.

It was cold and the water is pretty deep beneath this log...I didn't want to have anyone fall in on this cold evening, so I made Amy and Grace sit and scootch along the log. I think this may have been a little more dangerous than just letting them walk across the creek.

My beautiful Gracie-10 and Amy-17

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