Monday, November 15, 2010

What came off the needles today....

I signed up to make a Christmas stocking for a 2 year old girl through the Pink Slipper Project's Stocking Challenge.
I made a "rag stocking" last week and am now making things to fill it.
The stocking is for a 2 year old spending Christmas in a shelter for women and children.
I have made slippers for The Pink slipper project but this is a first time that I have made and filled a stocking.
This bear was so easy!!
The pattern can be found at Bev's County Cottage charity website.
Kimberly is excited for the little girl who will be receiving this "buddy bear" and she can't wait to pack and send out the box.
Here is the stocking that I sewed----I still have to add a ribbon for hanging the stocking. Other than that, it is all ready to ship out!
I know the Pink Slipper Project has a couple more children waiting to be sponsored.
If you have a little extra time, this is a great project to join!

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