Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I am truly blessed!!!!
Every once in a while I am reminded of that in a big way.
Thanksgiving was that recent "big way".
All ten kids and hubby just happened to be in chronological order from youngest to oldest as they delivered the Thanksgiving dinner to Grandma C. and Aunt Mary.
(OK---the chronological order may not have "just happened")
Pat Jr, Becky, Matt, Dan and Amy---the first five
Laura, Mark, Grace, Luke and Kim--the last five.
You may notice the Native American 3 youngest children.
They are all very proud of their Native American blood from their Grandpa H, but these three were the only partly Native American children who would wear the proper attire for Thankgiving.
Aunt Mary doing one of her many great deeds---making rye bread dip
A definite tradition---Dad and his 5 boys, playing cards.
A very cute little Indian.
Pat asked Laura for some Orange Crush---she obliged--just like any normal sister would.
It was a time to give thanks for cousins and having fun together.
and more feasting
and more, and more feasting
Amy, Luke and Maggie
Daddy and Grandma C
Danny and Aunt Mary
Wishing everyone blessed memories of a wonderful day---and plenty of leftovers.....

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Phyllis said...

Happy Thanksgiving!