Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sunflowers of Thankfulness

Today we made "sunflowers of thankfulness".
They were very simple and turned out very cute!
All you need to do is to paint one side of a paperplate brown.
While the paint dries, cut out sunflower "petals".
I folded a sheet of paper in thirds like a letter and then cut out three petals at a time.
About 12 petals fit on a regular sized paperplate.
On each petal, write things that you are thankful for.
The three youngest kids made the sunflowers, but everyone took part in naming things they were thankful for.
Glue the petals to the paperplate.

Gracie added a happy face to her flower.

Our "thankfulness sunflowers" are now displayed on the kitchen cupboards to remind everyone what is most important during this special time of year.

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Rhonda said...

These are just great! Love them!