Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Eggyolk "painted" Thanksgiving Cookies

I love having the kids decorate cookies with this eggyolk and foodcolor "paint".
It is as simple as an eggyolk mixed with foodcoloring.
As a sidenote , the yellow of the yolk makes red turn orange.
The colors are wonderful.....and then all the fun is in the painting...which my kids love to do!!
We have a secret sugar cookie recipe that is so easy to work with and so delicious....I'm not sharing because it is not my "secret"---it is a dear friend's mother's recipe that I begged for it and promised NOT to share. (But it is the absolute best!!)
Gracie hard at work.
A little spinkle of sugar makes for a pretty sparkle.
Kimmy waiting patiently for her turn??
Each child painted their cookies by themselves to cut down on chaos.
The colors are wonderfully bright.
Luke patiently waiting for his turn??
Luke was very surprised to find a train with his leaves....very excitied!!
The final product.
I love the colors!!
Kimmy looks a little suspicious, like she was caught nibbling on a cookie!!


Rhonda said...

Very pretty!

ABC and 123: A Learning Cooperative said...

Thank you for sharing this with show and tell. I love the colorful leaves and think this would also be fun with our Christmas tree cookie cutter for December.