Friday, July 31, 2009

We Spotted a New Bird!! A Blue Headed Vireo!!

Or, truth be told, MARK spotted a new bird!! He is always the one---he has a great "nature eye" and spots anything new.
This blue-headed vireo showed up and seems to be fighting with our goldfinches. The goldfinches don't want to share their thistle seed feeder. This little guy may be a juvenile, because he is supposed to be eating insects.
We are always so excited to get a new bird visiting the backyard---and it is also exciting when we identify it and then check the range map and it actually lives in this area--we are in the blue headed vireo's summer breeding range.


sarah in the woods said...

The second picture is wonderful! Thanks for sharing - I love watching birds.

Rhonda said...

He/She is so pretty!We love bird watching here. It has become quite a hobby for us.