Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Faith Adventure--day 4

We began today's day-4 of the Holy Heroes Summer Faith Adventure by saying the second decade of the Luminous mystery's of the Holy Rosary--The Wedding Feast at Cana.
I will take this quick opportunity to share this gorgeous rosary that my dear friend Ruth sent to me! It is such a special rosary, I will treasure it forever.
After saying our decade of the rosary, I took this time to read about Jesus' first public miracle in our children's bible. We discussed how Jesus performed this miracle for his mother even though He didn't feel it was time to begin His public life, from this we learned about obedience, especially obedience to your parents.
We then began working on our family tree to remind us of all the people close to us whom we should pray for everyday, even those who have died.
Our family is very large, so we just concentrated on grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins--and, of course, brothers and sisters.
The Collins' kids have 47 cousins---so we have alot of praying to do---and this is a great way to remind us to keep all this wonderful family in our daily prayers.
Another neat idea from the Holy Heroes kids was to make flowers to put near our family tree. These flowers have the names of our friends,they may not be in our family, but they mean so much to us, we want to pray for them everyday also.
We have a lot more flowers to add, and will do that tomorrow---I believe Gracie is offering everyone "peace" but I am not sure what Kimberly is doing.
I chose to have the kids color the picture of the Wedding Feast at Cana.
We learned that the last recorded words of our Blessed Mother in the Bible took place during the wedding feast. Mary told the servers at the wedding, "Do whatever He tells you." We talked a lot about what the words mean to us---and we know that they mean if we follow Jesus and "do whatever He tells us" we will live forever with Him and Mary in Heaven.
What would a Summer Faith Adventure post be without snacktime! Today was rice krispy treats--to signify that families "stick" together.
I was happy, because today's snack didn't contain the ingredient flour, so I thought it wouldn't be too messy.
We made chocolate rice krispy treats.
Grease the pan--ok--our technique is a little messy.
Mom was in charge of the melted marshmallows and butter--not messy.
Licking out the bowl--okay--this is going to get messy.
And sticky....
really sticky, on hands, faces, tables, hair, clothes, chairs, and the floor,
but they we were, oh, so yummy!!
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Rhonda said...

What a beautiful rosary and such a kind friend to send it to you. We love marshmallow treats here and yep, they are sticky and messy but oh so good! Looks like your kiddos had lots of fun making them!