Thursday, July 23, 2009

I have the impression we love Monet--Monet for the youngest learners

We have been having a great time exploring the era, life, and art of Claude Monet.
I began this study using the great lesson plans provided by Harmony Art Mom.
(I have to apologize before you get started though, I can't get any of my pictures to change places within the post so this isn't in the exact order I would like it.)
We began by watching Monet: Shadow and Light by Nest These are very entertaining hour long videos of the lives of artists, musician, and scientists. We own some of these, but have also been able to find them in our library system.
Amy's Monet inspired "bridge over the lily pond." Amy made this painting this past year, and it fit right in as we were studying Monet's garden.
This is a wonderful book, full of activities to do with elementary aged kids. It touches on many of the Impressionist artists. It most certainly would work with older kids (and moms) also.
This is our favorite book about Monet. It follows Linnea as she travels to Paris and Giverny to learn about Monet's water lily paintings. It is written in scrapbook fashion, and we all enjoying it. We learned about Claude Monet's art, life and family. I was also very pleased to discover that this book is also a movie--following the book exactly. I was especially pleased to discover that is it a Netflix view online movie right now also.
Here are some of our favorite books about Claude Monet. If you click on the book you should be directed to the Amazon link for more information.

This book is a board book, so that you can bring the lovely art of Claude Monet to the very youngest family members.
These cards are published by Dover publishing and contain six postcard sized pictures of some of Claude Monet's most famous paintings. Dover also publishes a little book of 16 stickers featuring Monet's painting.
Hopefully, you will be able to take a little time this summer for enjoy some great art, and teach the kids a little something also.

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