Friday, July 11, 2008

Crafty Record/CD Clocks

Becky and Laura assembled what they needed to make their own clocks yesterday. Amy's clock was made at a library recycling program-and it came out so cute the other girls had to get into the act.
The clock uses an old 33 record album, used cds, clock movements, (we got ours at Michael's craft store) Sharpie markers, paint, and paint pens. (anything can be used to decorate, as long as it shows up on the record)
The first thing we did was to make the hole in the record big enough for the clock movements to fit through it. We just eyeballed it to cut away a little at a time of the hole until we got a tight fit.

We then used Elmer's glue to glue the cd in the center of the record.

Laura then colored her cd with a sharpie marker and then used paint pens to draw the numbers on the clock.
White paint was used to outline the edges of the record and she embelished that with stickers and sharpie markers.
The last step is to assemble the clock movements on the clock. The back of the package told us how this is simply done. Set the clock and now Laura won't ever be late for anything ever again!

Becky chose to make her clock a mosaic. She cut up old cds to use as her mosaic pieces.

After making the hole in the record big enough for the clock works, she glued the cd into the center and then arranged her mosaic pieces.

The sharpie markers worked great on the cds.

After the cd pieces were on the record, Becky put the clock movement parts into the clock. Instead of numbers, she used cd mosaic pieces to represent the numbers on the clock. VERY COOL!

Becky's finished product.


Rhonda said...

Oh wow these are just amazing! They did such wonderful jobs on them. Thanks for sharing the instructions for making them.

LLMom said...

These are so neat. thanks for sharing.

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Very creative!

Jennifer said...

The clocks are amazingly awesome!

Renee said...

These are so fun! I want one too...LOL

Amy said...

Wow- I love the mosaic one! I think we may try that! :)