Monday, July 7, 2008

Robin Bady-Storytelling Lady

We had alot of fun today at our library being entertained by Robin Bady-a storyteller from New York City.

She kept Luke's attention.
Her stories were mostly folktales from around the world, focusing on bugs, the summer reading program topic.

She received quite a bit of help from the audience. Here you can see Grace (barefoot I notice) playing the part of the angry queen.
The kids all spent quite a bit of time being different insects.
I am surprised who well Kim and Luke do at storytime. This is the second time they have ever gone, and it is amazing how they sit still, listen, and then participate in the "action".She grabbed Laura and Mark to help out and be flowers.
I do need to admit, they were quite a bit less thrilled to be put into the spotlight, but they did it none the less.
Great Job, Guys!!

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Rhonda said...

I love the expression on Luke's face in the second photo. You can see by the look on his face that he was so caught up in the moment. Great job on participating in everything you guys!